Vrikshasana or Tree Pose has numerous benefits. It stretches the legs, back and arms, and strengthens spine. It brings balance and equilibrium to your mind, improves concentration.
1.Stand tall and straight with arms by the side of your body.
2.Keep the left leg straight. Bend right knee and place the right foot high up on your left thigh. The sole of the foot should be placed flat and firmly near the root of the thigh.
3.Once you are well balanced, take a deep breath in, raise arms over your head from the side, and bring your palms together in ‘Namaste’ mudra.
4.Look straight ahead in front of you, at a distant object.
5.Ensure that your spine is straight. Keep taking in long deep breaths. With each exhalation, relax the body more and more.
6.With slow exhalation, gently bring down your hands from the sides. You may gently release the right leg.
7.Stand tall and straight as you did at the beginning of the posture. Repeat this pose with the left leg off the ground on the right thigh.

Precautions: Practice this on empty stomach. Avoid this posture if you are suffering from migraine, insomnia, low or high blood pressure.

Stay healthy by imbibing these easy tips in your lifestyle…More to come, Stay tuned