Mayurasana or Peacock Pose is a challenging balancing pose. It builds core strength necessary for other advanced poses. It helps tone the digestive and reproductive organs, improves posture. It helps to make the shoulders, elbows, wrist, and spine stronger.
1.Sit upright on heels. Make sure knees are wide apart.
2.Place hands on the floor, fingers pointing towards your body. Gently bend elbows and press them towards abdomen.
3.Drop head on the floor, strengthen the belly.
4.Stretch legs out, keeping knees are straight.
5.Tighten your buttocks and raise your head. Set gaze forward.
6.Shift body weight forward and lift legs off the floor. Balance body weight on the hands. Keep body parallel to the floor.
7.Hold the pose for about 10 seconds initially. With practice increase holding time up to one minute.
8.To release, drop head and feet on the ground. Relax.
Precautions: Practice on empty stomach and under observation. Avoid if you have wrist, elbow pain or injury, hypertension, hernia or heart disease.

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