Akarna Dhanurasana strengthens legs and builds up the core muscles. It also improves the blood circulation in the body. It improves digestion process and clears constipation.
1.Bend the left leg in knee and keep the foot on the thigh of right leg. Keep the right leg straight.
2.Hold the big toe of the left leg with left hand, and that of the right leg with the right hand.
3.Exhale, and inhaling start lifting the left leg with the left hand and pull it up to the left ear, and stabilize it at that point.
4.Continue normal breathing. When one leg is lifted, the other leg and hand should be kept straight.
5.Inhale, and exhaling bring the left leg on the thigh of the right leg.
6.Restore both the hands to their place. Straighten the left leg and take the sitting position.
7.Repeat on the other side.
Precautions: People who are suffering from shoulder, spinal or hips injury should avoid this.

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